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"ویزا" کے نسخوں کے درمیان فرق

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روبالہ:تبدیلی سرخ روابط از اردو مترادف Jordan > اردن
م (روبالہ:تبدیلی سرخ روابط از اردو مترادف Italy > اطالیہ)
م (روبالہ:تبدیلی سرخ روابط از اردو مترادف Jordan > اردن)
During [[Italian Fascism|Fascist Italy]], an exit visa was required from 1922 to 1943. [[Nazi Germany]] required exit visas from 1933 to [[end of World War II in Europe|1945]].<ref>[http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761553381/visa.html Encarta.msn.com]</ref> The [[Soviet Union]] and its [[Eastern Europe]]an allies required exit visas both for [[Eastern Bloc emigration and defection|emigrants]] and for those who wanted to leave the USSR for some time.
[[Saudi Arabia]] and [[Qatar]] have an exit visa requirement, particularly for foreign workers. This is part of the [[kafala system]], also present in [[Lebanon]], [[Jordanاردن]], [[United Arab Emirates]], [[Iraq]], [[Kuwait]], and [[Oman]]. Hence at the end of a foreign worker's employment period, the worker must secure clearance from his/her employer stating that the worker has satisfactorily fulfilled the terms of his/her employment contract or that the worker's services are no longer needed. The exit visa can also be withheld if there are pending court charges that need to be settled or penalties that have to be meted out.
[[Nepal]] requires citizens emigrating to the [[United States]] on an [[H1 visa]] to present an exit permit issued by the labor ministry. This document is called a labor permit and needs to be presented to immigration to leave the country.<ref>[http://sanjaal.com/h1b/wp/category/labor-permit-nepal/ Labor permit Nepal]</ref>