Old Swiss Confederacy

آزاد دائرۃ المعارف، ویکیپیڈیا سے
:چھلانگ بطرف رہنمائی، تلاش
Republic of the Swiss
République des Suisses
Republica Helvetiorum
c. 1300 – 1798

Swiss cross
(field sign 1470–1798)

The Old Swiss Confederacy in the 18th century
دارالحکومت see Vorort[1]
زبانیں Middle French / French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian, Rhaeto-Romance languages
سیاسی ڈھانچہ Confederation
مقننہ Tagsatzung
 - Death of
    Rudolf I of Habsburg

15 July 1291
 - Rütlischwur,

1307/1291 (traditional dates) 1291
 - Charles IV's
    Golden Bull

 - Battle of Marignano 13–14 September 1515
 - Wars of Kappel 1529 and 1531
 - Formal independence from the مقدس رومی سلطنت 15 May / 24 October 1648
 - French invasion 5 March 1798
House of Habsburg
Duchy of Swabia
House of Zähringen
House of Kyburg
Imperial Abbey of Saint Gall
Duchy of Milan
Duchy of Savoy
County of Burgundy
Helvetic Republic
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سانچہ:History of Switzerland قدیم سوئس وفاق سوئیٹزلینڈ کے علاقہ پر مشتمل ایک حکومت تھی۔

  1. ^ the Swiss diet was presided de facto by زیورخ during most of the 15th century. After the Reformation in Switzerland, the system of administration became more multipolar, with Lucerne and برن playing an important role besides Zürich.سانچہ:HDS