Reliability of Wikipedia

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This article is written through the Google translation from English article (Reliability of Wikipedia) to Urdu. وکی پیڈیا کی وشوسنییتا , قابلیت اطمینان = reliability,

Reliable = قابل اعتماد

Vandalism of a Wikipedia article. The section on the left is the normal, undamaged version; and on the right is the edited, damaged version.

وکی پیڈیا کی وشوسنییتا بنیادی طور پر انگریزی زبان ایڈیشن)، دوسرے انسائیکلوپیڈیا ے اور زیادہ خصوصی ذرائع کے مقابلے میں، سمیت کئی طریقوں سے، میں تعین کیا گیا ہے اعدادوشمار، تقابلی جائزہ لینے کے، تاریخی نمونوں کا تجزیہ اور طاقت اور کمزوریوں میں ترمیم کے عمل وکی پیڈیا کے منفرد میں موروثی ذریعے .

Areas of reliability[ترمیم]

Article instability and susceptibility to bias are two potential problem areas in a crowdsourced work like Wikipedia

Information loop[ترمیم]

A diagram of "citogenesis"
The Wikipedia hoax "Bicholim conflict" which in 2007 won the status of "Good Article."
Cached version of a deleted biographical hoax in the French Wikipedia. Created in January 2007, the article on the fictional 18th century naturalist Léon Robert de L'Astran was not deleted until June 2010, when a historian identified it as a hoax.[1]

حوالہ جات[ترمیم]

Screenshot of Wiki-Watch rating of the article Reliability of Wikipedia rated as reliable source and additional orange WikiTrust marks for questionable edits