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"ویزا" کے نسخوں کے درمیان فرق

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روبالہ:تبدیلی سرخ روابط از اردو مترادف Tajikistan > تاجکستان
م (روبالہ:تبدیلی سرخ روابط از اردو مترادف Jordan > اردن)
م (روبالہ:تبدیلی سرخ روابط از اردو مترادف Tajikistan > تاجکستان)
* Some countries in the [[Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth]] do not require tourist visas of [[Citizenship#Commonwealth citizenship|citizens]] of other Commonwealth countries.
* Citizens of member states of the [[Association of Southeast Asian Nations]] do not require tourist visas to visit another member state, excluding [[Burma]], where its citizens are required to have a visa to enter seven of the ten ASEAN member states: the exceptions to this are Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. ASEAN citizens are entitled to use the Burmese visa on arrival facility.
* [[Commonwealth of Independent States]] (CIS) member states mutually allow their citizens to enter visa-free, at least for short stays. There are exceptions between [[Tajikistanتاجکستان]] and [[Uzbekistan]], and between [[Armenia]] and [[Azerbaijan]].
* [[Nepal]] and [[بھارت]] allow their citizens to enter, live and work in each other's countries due to the Indo-Nepal friendship treaty of 1951. Indians do not require a visa or passport to travel to [[Bhutan]] and are only required to obtain passes at the border checkpoints, whilst Bhutan nationals are authorised to enter India without a visa but with a valid passport.